Kenilworth Business Accountants

We bring clarity to Business accounts and tax returns

Based in the Old Town in Kenilworth, we are so much more than a typical accountant. We work with businesses to ensure they have a deep understanding of their finances allowing them to grow and prosper. We prepare your annual accounts, tax returns and payrolls, ensuring you keep compliant, as well advising on ways for you to grow your business and structure your affairs in a tax efficient manner.

Whether you are a new business or are moving on from your existing accountant, appointing a new accountant is easy and we can help you through the process. Get in touch now!

We work with Kenilworth businesses to ensure they have up to date and relevant financial information.

For too long accountants have interacted with their clients just once a year – the conversations are inevitably backwards looking and focused on outdated information. Analysing the past is certainly useful, but what is far more informative is how your business is doing now and forecasting how it will perform in the coming year.

In order to achieve this we provide your business with cloud software and work with you to keep your finances up to date. This can be through supporting your in-house finance team or providing an outsourced bookkeeping service. We regularly discuss your business finances and ensure these are presented in a clear and understandable format. We work with you to set budgets for the year ahead allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Working with up to date financial information is critical for businesses looking to grow in the current climate

Many of our clients aren’t large enough to have a Finance Director and as such we aim to bridge the gap between a Finance Director and a traditional accountant.

Of course, your annual accounts, corporation tax computation, payroll and VAT returns all still need to be prepared and filed and we will take care of these to ensure you remain compliant with your legal duties.

We provide the complete accounting solution for SMEs, helping you achieve your growth goals and ultimately allow your business to succeed.

Services We Can Help You With

We provide the complete range of accounting services for SMEs and individuals across Warwickshire and the surrounding areas


We can prepare your annual accounts and corporation tax return, look after your bookkeeping, run your payroll and file your VAT returns, ensuring your business compliance needs are fully met


Working with clients to grow their business is a real passion of ours. We help clients improve their profits, better understand their finances and make informed growth decisions

Personal Tax

Our personal tax services ensure your tax affairs are structured in the most tax efficient manner and that you make informed future tax decisions

Business Sectors

Small Businesses

We have been advising small and medium sized businesses across Warwickshire for over 25 years and can help your business grow and prosper

Start Ups

There is a lot to consider when getting started in business - we take the time to get to know your business and ensure it is set-up correctly from the outset


We have worked with contractors for many years and can provide a completely outsourced accounting solution for contractors and freelancers

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