Our advisory services include:

Virtual FD

We can attend monthly or quarterly board meetings, providing a deep insight in to your company’s financials

Monthly and Quarterly Management Accounts

Provides a detailed and real-time view of your company’s financials, ensuring any issues are known about quickly and can be dealt with accordingly

Due Diligence on Future Acquisitions

Acquiring a firm can often be a quick way to grow your business, and we can provide due diligence services on a company you want to acquire

Information on Debt and Equity Funding

External financing can be a great way for your business to grow and we can discuss the pros and cons of debt vs. equity funding and the various sources available to businesses

Business Plans

Preparing a formal document on the future growth plan of your business, noting both financial and strategic ambitions for the business

Cashflow Management and Analysis

Now more than ever, cashflow management is critical. Having a deep understanding of your businesses cashflow requirements ensures correct financial decisions can be made

Financial Models

The provision of detailed financial forecasts for the business, which can be used for debt or equity funding, or for the existing shareholders of the business to plan how they would like the company expand

Business Growth Strategies

We can assist and advise on ways to help your business grow, such as hiring additional staff, opening a new office, acquiring a competitor, or entering a new market


Advisory Journey

Clients usually start by taking compliance only services from us, such as annual accounts, payroll and personal tax. As part of all our annual accounts meetings, we discuss how the year ahead looks for clients. This can often lead to conversations on the growth goals of the business, and how revenues and profits may change over the coming months.

In order to track this growth, clients will then often benefit from having management accounts prepared each month or quarter. Utilising cloud accounting software means clients already have a better view of their financial performance, and then working with their accountant, we are able to bring figures completely up to date and provide insights on how the business is performing compared to a budget that may have been set, or against the same period last year.

If the business has ambitious growth goals, they will often then take further services, such as the Virtual FD service with monthly or quarterly meetings, or want to put a detailed financial model or business plan in place, particularly if they are seeking external debt or equity investment to allow them to grow.

The above demonstrates how over a period of time, modern accountants can provide a wide variety of services to clients and work with them closely to ensure they have up to date, relevant and timely financial information to allow them to make informed business decisions.