Social Enterprises

Registered Charities, CIOs and CICs In recent years new types of legal entities have been introduced for non-profit organisations, social enterprises and charities. This includes the formation of the CIC (Community Interest Company) in 2005 and the CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in 2013. Charities have of course been in existence for hundreds of years, but …

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EMI Options

OVERVIEW Enterprise Management Incentives (“EMI”) are a popular way for small and medium sized businesses to offer share options to their employees in a tax efficient manner. They are popular in start-up businesses, particularly in the technology sector, who typically aren’t able to offer competitive salaries in the early years of the company’s development and …

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Electric cars

Electric cars are becoming ever more popular and are now considered a real alternative to petrol and diesel cars.  They are generally better for the environment with the added advantage of being cheaper to run. For small businesses, there are significant tax reliefs available compared to hybrids and other non-electrics.   BENEFITS OF BUYING AN …

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